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Wealth. Together.

What wealth means to you?

When money is no longer a problem?
When your only problem left is to make it grow?
When you have a lot of money?
Or when you are free to spend a lot?

Everyone has their definition of what wealth means, our job is to help find yours.

We provide investment advice to help to invest like the best.

Access to the best investment opportunities, pay less fees and unnecessary taxes. 

At Impactfull, we help you find investment solutions that are adapted to every investor profile, including stocks, secured lending, life insurance and private equity.

Private Equity
Life Insurance

Savings Account from 3.5%/y
with capital guarantee

How this works?
#1 - Identify your investor profile

Once we know your financial objectives, we can follow the capital allocation of
elite investors which share your style.

The patient money-maker
Like Warren Buffet, one of the most successful investors, you put performance first and think long-term.
Target allocation:
45% Stocks
45% Private Equity
10% Bonds
= 15% performance
The prudent tactician
Like Ray Dalio, the founder of the world’s largest hedge fund, you want your money to perform well under any market condition.
Target allocation:
30% Stocks
15% Gold & Commodities
55% Bonds
= 7% Performance
The philanthropist
Like Mckenzie Scott, Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife, you wealth aims to support a cause greater than you. You donate all you can every year.
Target allocation:
85% Equity
15% Philantropic causes
=0% Performance
The curious explorer
Like David Swensen, responsible for the endowment of Yale University, you are willing to make highly-diversified, unconventional investments.
Target allocation:
40% Private Equity
7% Real Estate
20% Hedge Funds
13% Bonds
15% Stocks
5% Gold & Commodities
= 10% Performance

#2 - We deploy the services you need

#3 We secure the most afforbable prices

The less fees you pay, the more money you can spend on what you really care for.
Discover how much you can save in the long run by working with a cost-concious approach.

How much capital can you invest?


How much performance to you expect from your investments?


How much your money is worth after 10 years

With Impactfull

2% total expense ratio

With a traditional bank

5% total expense ratio

With us you could save

Amount you will save


Our allocation strategy supported by a wide range of market insights.

To support our allocation and product recommendation, we have built a compass of the most promising industry trends and regional dynamics, to help you stay invested on what’s the most likely to outperfrom.

Our Impact

We invest 50% of our profits to support daring entrepreneurs build a more sustainable world through our
direct investing, impact advisory and philanthropic activities.

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